egg production down???


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May 17, 2011
North Florida
I live in nortwestern fl and had about 5 to 6 eggs a day from only five chickens!!! But in the last month egg count went down to 2 or three. Have one hen that went broody so that may account for one egg a day. I have killed a corn snake recently in the back yard that was going in the direction of the coop. Also my neighbor doesnt store his dogfood properly andon occasion seen rats. We lost three fertilized eggs from broody hens nest last night. Any suggestions. Do i need to change feed brands try adding some 7way scratch or do you guys think its snakes or rats.
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Well the fact that you said that you lost three eggs from under a broody last night means something is happening other than lacking nutrition. you might even have an egg eater amoungst your flock. It would be interesting to hear what you figure or find out....Let us know.
I figure if i had an egg eater i would see at least some shell left. Also i set traps and already have a rat. I put hardware cloth on the coop and i have had something chewing holes at the bottom. I am going to replace the hardware cloth with weldedwire next weekend. Noticed one of my brahmas sittin more in the coop today. Hope she isnt going broody on me too.

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