Egg Question


9 Years
Jun 17, 2010
We have collected 2 dozen eggs in the past week and a half from our new layers that started last thursday we cracked some open today one had a blood spot and 3 or 4 others had some kind of black looking stuff in the egg white i threw them away since i did not know what it was does anyone know what it is and will it stop being in the eggs once they get to laying better
Blood and meatspots aren't uncommon and are not harmfull. You can still eat the eggs and when they're cooke you won't even be able to tell. I had one that I threw out because it had a lot of visible blood in it and even though I "knew" it was no biggie it was just tooooo gross looking to eat. I've found that as the pullets mature they mostly outgrow it though you'll still find them from time to time.
we do have a rooster but this black/brown looking thing in in the egg white and it looks to be a big chunk of dirt i did see the bullseye on the yolk it was very noticable but the other stuff was like i said looked like dirt we could extract it from the whites only a few eggs had it
Right. Nothing to do with what they eat or a rooster. Harmless. Will mostly go away as they get in the groove of laying. Might happen again once in a while. It would be very strange indeed for dirt to get in the egg. Even when a chicken has a bad case of worms, you rarely see a worm in an egg.

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