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  1. Hey,
    I recently went to gather some eggs 2 nights ago and I noticed one had broken. Apparently one of the hens ate it to clean up the mess and the other 4 eggs in that box got some egg yolk on them. Are they okay to eat? I was scared the yolk from the broken egg had washed off the special coating on the good eggs and spoiled them.

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    Wash the eggs off and refrigerate them until you use them. The raw egg may not remove the bloom but it is a great medium for bacteria to grow in and penetrate the egg shell. When you wash the egg you remove the bloom, but in the refrigerator that egg will still last a long time. It’s too cool in there for the bacteria to multiply very fast.
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    Agree, just wash them and put them in the fridge. I've hatched eggs that got yolk in them. They're not spoiled, but have more potential to get that way.
  4. Sure they are okay to eat? Just wanted to add that was 3 days ago counting today..........

    thanks!! [​IMG]
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    They should be fine. Have they been in the fridge since then? Or on the counter? If you're in doubt... if they've been sitting on the counter, you could cook them and feed them to your chickens/dog. Personally, I'd not have a problem with them, but I'd wash, refrigerate, use first.
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    I know it sounds gross, but eggs get poop on them all the time and we eat them. When you consider that, a little yolk is nothing.
  7. They have been sitting on the counter. We ate them as for breakfast and we haven't died yet, so I guess they were fine! :) thx
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    Just my opinion, but if the yolk is fresh, and dried, no problem.
    I think the bloom is just a lubricant for when it comes out the hen's but and doesn't do much to protect or preserve the egg.
    I wouldn't eat one that had been laying in a wet poopy nest box for several days or had a rotten egg busted on it, that's a germ fest for sure.
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    Might want to do a search and check your sources...especially about the bloom.
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    I wash off any broken egg thoroughly asap and then refrigerate.....same with copious amounts of poop.

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