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    My wife and I bought an antique egg scale and it has 2 scales. One is from like .70 - 1.10 and the other is from 16-30. The oz scale is simple enough, but what is the other scale? It also says something about points / dozen. May I ask what all this means?

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    Quote:Hmm, I dunno. The whole grading thing is something Im shaky on. I do know that they should weigh a minimum according to their size, like this:

    30 oz. per dozen for Jumbo - 2.5 oz/egg
    27 oz. " for Extra large - 2.25oz/egg
    24 oz for Large - 2.0 oz./egg
    21 oz for Medium - 1.75 oz./egg
    18 oz for Small - 1.5 oz./egg
    15 oz for Peewee - 1.25 oz./egg

    Eggs, being a natural product, cannot all be the same size, so there is a tolerance allowed. An individual egg can be lower than the allowed minimum as long as the total for 12 doesn't go below the allowed minimum for the class.
    The 16-30 scale places the egg into it's class mentioned above. The Peewee scale is probably so little seen in the consumer market that it is, for all intents, defunct. I've only seen it referred to in textbooks; that is why your scale doesn't go below 16. This 16-30 "classing scale" is really based on the weight, but makes the conversion for you.
    The .70 - 1.10 oz. scale is for eggs smaller than chicken eggs, I suppose. I've read that quail, chukkar, pigeon, pheasant and even guinea eggs used to be seen at market, back in the day.

    INTERESTING HISTORICAL NOTE: There used to be a gourmet market for guinea fowl and these others, mostly in the restaurant trade. You've probably heard of "Pheasant Under Glass" or "Squab" (pigeon)? Well, guinea was a prized table bird at one time.

    The points per dozen thing? Don't know.
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    does anyone know where I can get an egg scale from?

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