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    This year I have had quite a few broodies and am seriously considering hatching a few eggs. My question...I have quite a varied collection of shapes and sizes of eggs from my four breeds. Are there certain sizes and shapes to try and not hatch? Logic tells me to try and select the same size and shape eggs, but I would like some input from experienced natural hatchers.
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    Quote:In my opinion, it doesn't matter at all with the size of only matters with the time of hatching( i.e. ducks egg 28 days,chicken eggs 21 days, finch eggs 14 days etc.)and also humidity levels for different eggs etc.
    I don't think it matters with size. I hatched white leghorn eggs(a good size) with much smaller EE eggs and then again with medium sized EE eggs....all hatched fine together.
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    You should hatch eggs that are the correct shape and size for the breed you are hatching. Sometimes laying odd shaped eggs can be hereditary and you do not want to carry that to the next generation.

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