Egg shell color changes?? help me figure out what's going on please.

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    Ok I have 2 types of standard chickens, black austrolorp and rhode island reds. I house all my standard size chickens together because we have them mainly for eggs and for our entertainment, but we don't hatch from them although I do have one ba rooster for their protection. I currently only have 2 that are laying or so I think. One is a ba and one is a rir and then I have 2 other rir pullets that I don't think are laying yet but some strange things have been happening so I'm not 100% sure. The ba always lays a light brown med sized egg and she has been laying everyday. The rir always lays a darker brown medium sized egg, and she also lays everyday. So yesterday the egg that I am assuming was from my ba is a little lighter in color and has a very strange darker spots that form the shape of a sun. Picture below. Then today I found what I also assumed to be an egg from my ba but it's white and smaller than normal. Normally since I have just a few standard sized chickens I can tell who's egg is who's and each girls look basically the same everyday. Can the color of their eggs change and if so what causes that? And what do you think the sun shape is in the one egg? I have several bantams cooped separately and the white egg my ba layed today looks just like one of my dutch bantmas eggs, but there is no way she got in there and laid an egg, I'm sure.

    this is for comparison although the color isn't really right b/c my flash is messed up. The darker one is actually a little lighter and the lighter one is actually white, and both are from the same chicken I think.

    and this was the best I could get of the sun shape and this is actually the real shade of her eggs normally
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    I don't have the answer but I love the spotted, speckly eggs. They are unique and a visual treat for me when I pick them up.

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