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11 Years
Aug 18, 2008
I have three ducks, 2 female, 1 male. Not sure of the breeds, but they are white and they have red raised area's on their faces around their eye's the male has it running down his neck also. My problem is one of the females has been sitting on eggs now for over a month, there are only two eggs under her, I know she is trying to hatch them. My question is how do I know if they are fertile and if not should I just let her sit on them till she decides enough is enough or should I remove them if they aren't going to hatch anyway and let her get back to being with the other two ducks in the pond.
Thanks for you help
Does the drake have a soft hiss? Do the females not quack? If so those are Muscovies. They can sometimes take up too 37 days to hatch. Usually the mother will abandon the nest when she sees fit.
yes, they must be muscovies. The drake is rather nasty also....hisses and bobs his head when ever I walk toward the barn. He does bite/nip if he gets the chance. Is he only like this because the hen is sitting on the eggs or are all drakes this protective of their girls?

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