Egg Size


11 Years
Dec 3, 2012
Gainesville, TX area
I have two red sex-link hens and one Buff Orpington. One of the reds began laying eggs, first one on July 4th :). This breed is said to lay large to xl eggs, but her eggs are really small. We have 3 so far. One each day since the 4th. My question is, will they become larger as she grows bigger? TIA!
ok that makes me feel better to know that as I bought this type to get large/xl eggs. not to mention they are from clueless Tractor Supply so I had no confidence they know what they were selling after my leghorns turned out to be cornish crosses ugh. I was worried about that since they are growing, but I really hate to think of them having to lay a large egg at their current size. 😳 lol

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