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    I have 22 hens of various breeds: Barred Rock, Black Ast, White, Gold, Buff, Reds, actually quite the mix. Got our first 11 as straight run (mostly roos and downsized to 2) and then picked up 10 from the co-op (mixed hens) and 12 more hens of mixed brown egg layers. I know we have only one easter egger... Question: Does she only lay once every 7 to 10 days or do I need to go on an egg hunt? Also there seems to be a few that are laying humongous eggs. Got three today. Our very first egg was on Sept. 20th and from what I've been reading, their eggs get larger over time. If that's the case...OUCH! Do what they eat determine egg size? Mine free range dawn til dusk and love corn. Thanks!
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    Yes, feed will determine size as I can vouch for that with what I 've seen with my EE. I have 40 hens and if I give them treats like cottage cheese or riccotta, yougurt or a big bowl of oatmeal and olive oil I notice a marked increase in the weight of the EE's egg. Yes I weigh my eggs before packaging for the Farmers' Market.
    My EE lays about 4 eggs per week.

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