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Dec 25, 2012
Where can I find the average size and weight of the eggs from Easter egg (Anaconda ?) chickens and standard size chickens? What are some of your experiences? TNX
Size Weight of a dozen eggs
Jumbo 30 ounces
Extra Large 27 ounces
Large 24 ounces
Medium 21 ounces
Small 18 ounces
Peewee 15 ounces
This is just basic info on eggs. There might be more detailed info in the learning center tab - good luck :)
Apparently I didn't make my question clear. What I am asking is how do the egg sizes compare between a standard size chicken, and those from the Anacondas. As I understand the Anaconda chickens are smaller than most chickens, so how does this effect their egg size?

Ameracauna: blue to blue-green, medium to large
Ancona: white to cream, small to large
Australorp: brown, medium to large
White Leghorn: white, extra large
Naked Neck Turken: light brown, medium to large
New Hampshire: light, medium or dark brown, large
Orpington: brown, large to extra large
Plymouth Rock: light to medium brown, large to extra large
Rhode Island: medium brown, large to extra large

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