egg turner good or bad?

silkie freak 22

10 Years
Jun 16, 2009
central P.A.
i got an egg turner for my incubator an i wanted to know if they work well or if i should stick too letting my silkies hatch my eggs or turning the eggs by hand and do i put the eggs point down?
pointy end down...lets see...You don't have to open the lid to the bator messin gup the humidity and twmp and it does it can't forget...yup sounds like a good thing to me.

Better than a broody? they do it all w/o electricity but they might hatch and it rains and they drown or something comes by and gets them...broodies have been known to quit in the middle of being broody or freak on the nest and break eggs...

I use turners
pointy end down in the egg turner, they save you lots of times... I've been grocery shopping and cut the trip short because I forgot to turn before I've left... on and on and on.

Only thing to watch out for is the air around the motor is a lot hotter than other places (if it is a still air) and I avoid using the cups right next to the turning motor.

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