Egg turner piece question


9 Years
May 25, 2010
Woodinville, Washington

Just set up the bator in preparation for eggs to arrive in 3 days

The egg turner seems to be working... but there is this long white flat piece of it supposed to attach to the turner somewhere???

My temps are staying at 100.8, seems a little high, but this bator is auto-regulating so I'll sit tight and see what the temp does over the next two days.

Thanks for helping identify this plastic piece.
I Know where it goes but its hard to explain and my camera isn't working!
On the motor side of the turner, it slips over the plastic edge between egg trays and turner arms.
Maybe someone has a pic
If you look in the manual that came with the bator(not the turner), go to the section on turners and you can see it in the picture.
It should have been in place when shipped so make sure your turner isn't damaged
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Aha! Thank you both. I would have never noticed it in the bator instructions. It seems fine without that rail thing being attached, but since it wasn't in place when I opened the box, I'll keep my eye on the turners.

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