Egg waiting game...


8 Years
Jun 4, 2013
Belleville, IL
I have 2 black sexlinks that are about 21 weeks old. I also have an EE and Dominique that are about 24 weeks. When do you think they should lay? I was thinking any day now. Anyone know any tricks to make sure they are getting everything they need nutrient wise to start laying? Or am I just impatient? Lol
You are just impatient and tired of waiting. They all should be getting close. How are their combs and waddles looking? If it's hot and humid, that's not helping either. The added stress of the heat will put them behind.

The trick to get them to lay is to go out of town.
It was hot here for about 3 weeks. Their combs are reddening up. And the wattles are growing in. And also turning red. But I have one sexlink that is injured and hers are not so red.

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