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    Hello, my ISA browns have been laying for about 6 weeks now. I think the egg whites are a little thin. I expected a firm, or stiff egg white from such fresh eggs, but they seem to spread out in the pan more than they should. They are pretty consistent and firm a couple of inches out from the yolk, but then a thin layer runs outside of that.

    I've raised Rhode island reds for eggs before and they always maintained a firm egg white without the thin watery stuff running off. I've read a post here about defective eggs and there is a section about what I'm describing. Should I be concerned? Is there something wrong with my eggs.


  2. I believe it is just new layers...Up the feed and cut out treats/snacks.......

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    If they have been laying 6 weeks, I would think they are through the new egg laying issues. I had one of my hen's laying watery eggs. I had been feeding them too much junk food (people food scraps) - cut that out for the most part and haven't had any issues since. I did notice that all of my watery eggs were also mal-formed (flat on one side). Are you seeing anything on the outside when they are watery?
  4. @JoshFig has a good idea about what happens...Back pat to him........It takes Pullets up to a year to start producing great eggs if being fed so called treats? I call it fillers....Layers need a balanced diet....

    Feed a diet approved for Layers, Grit, Oyster shell and you will have great long living Birds....5% in snacks is a Tablespoon a day per Bird....

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    Thank you all so very much! I do not see anything unusual about the eggs shape or color. I do give them snacks; but snacks that are labeled for chickens. I'll cut that back. They are very healthy-acting birds and follow me all over the place. When It's snack time, they jump up on my lap looking for a handout! [​IMG]
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