Egg white problems


Jan 10, 2016
Hi Everyone, Newbie here, been having hens for close to a year now and I've started to notice something odd in the eggs I've been getting.

When I poach a fresh egg, less than 2 days old, kept on the counter, the whites don't "stay" together and it becomes runny. When I tasted it, it tasted "dry" and "chalky" but the yolk was fine.

You know how when you crack a fresh egg and the white is thick and surrounds the yolk and there's minimal watery stuff, well a store bought egg has that exact same appearance when poached but mine doesn't. This has been happening for a long time now and recently it has been getting on my nerves as I've always fed my hens a good quality pellet, 18% protein and supplement them with kitchen scraps including meat.

I'll try and get a picture tomorrow to better explain myself.

Can someone help? Apart from that issue, the girls are fine, 3 hens, 3 eggs daily. They are kept in a mobile "cage" that gets moved daily.


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Jul 16, 2015
There is some different things that can cause watery whites, or at least are thought to cause it. Breathing ammonia is one, so make sure your coop is well ventilated, too much heat in the coop, genetics, a deficiency, a few diseases will cause it as well as not storing them in the refrigerator because they deteriorate quicker.

I would check out my coop temperature and ventilation, try switching feed brands, and try storing the egg in the fridge to see if any of these things are a factor for you.

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