Egg whites sticking to inside of shell?


7 Years
May 18, 2012
Two of my best layers (both seemingly happy and healthy bantam Wyandottes) produce eggs which when you crack them, about 1/3 of the whites remain adhered to the inside of the shell. I use my finger to scrape the rest of the whites out of the shell halves and they readily plop out. I got these birds as year old birds. Does anyone know what might cause this? All other 6 hens produce normal eggs...

They range about 2-3 hours per day, and the rest of the time they are in a large pen attached to their coop. They are fed layer pellets and occasional vegetable and fish table scraps. Their eggs have always been like this.

I'm sure I read something about this when I first got chickens about 8 months ago, but I can't for the life of me find the reference now... Any and all help would be much appreciated!
In some of my eggs, the albumen adheres a little more to the inside of the shell. There is nothing wrong with the egg. Nothing wrong with the hen. Sometimes when the eggs are fresher they do that.
Thanks, off-grid hen.

I agree they taste just fine. Just wondering whether there was something off. The eggs have always been that way, and only for those 2, so I guess its just those hens...

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