Egg yolk, banana, and egg shell....

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    So these are the things I took it upon myself to feed my 2 week old chicks as a treat. They are in a new home (box) now as of today and it is considerably larger, and I lowered their light to compensate. A few of them had been laying on their sides and lifting a wing which is new for them. Do you guys think this is because thy are hot or should I have given them some grit? [​IMG] When I come near and they get spooked they do move so they aren't deathly sick (yet) so to speak. One of them was visibly panting till I came near him and tried to look...
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    CHeck the temp in your brooder. It should be 95 degrees when they are born and lower the temp each week by about 5 degrees. It sounds like they are too warm if they are panting.

    Most chicks like to "sun" themselves on their side-wing up. They will even do this under a light in the brooder. Make sure you have cool (not cold-not too warm) water for them to drink, and check that temperature.

    I would hold off on the exotic food treats until they are a bit older. And yes, you should offer a bit of fine ground grit when you start to offer treats other than chick feed.

    Best wishes
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    Can they wait till tomorrow on grit as I have none? [​IMG]
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    I agree with Fowlweatherfriends .[​IMG]
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    If you can't get grit right away you can always find some sand or in a pinch, try getting some dirt from outside. Not the best but in an emergency I don't think it would hurt.

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