---EGGBOUND---& feeling it

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9 Years
Jul 11, 2011
I have a flock of 5 and one of the Rhode Island reds is in trouble. They are normally the most brassy and indignant but when I came out yesterday night to put them away she was frozen in time head down - tail up in the sky.

I believe she is "egg-bound" because of the sluggishness/eyes closed and tail straight up in the air. She would not eat or drink. I brought her inside and gave her a warm water soak with epsom salts and dried her off. She pooped in the bath which brought that to an end after about 20 minutes. I dried her and gave her a lot of pine shavings and a heating pad underneath and kept her inside overnight. I adminstered a small dose of muscle relaxers (.5mg cyclobenzaprine) and olive oil down the gullet before bedding her down.

This morning I found a yolk and a lot of whites on the ground and a flaccid shell hangning from her chute which I removed much to her chagrin. I gave her meal worms, asprin (88mg), clacium and water via eye dropper. She did eat this morning which means that she's not in tremendous pain but her behavior i.e BUTT UP/ Lethargic has not changed. I rubber gloved it with Vaseline and felt index finger deep but nothing is there-no mass no shell bits- nothing. I lubed her pretty good though inside and out.

I've done everything that's suggested- Asprin (88mg) for pain, Calcium to encourage laying, Vaseline in and on her chute to aid in delivery, olive oil down the gullet to speed the process and 2 warm water soaks at 20 minutes each.

Now do I just wait? I will not see a vet- I will cull if neccesary. I just don't know how long this should take....
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C'mon...Reallly? All day and nothing? Did I not use enough cute dancing emoticons or something???


Now will someone help me?
It sounds like you have done all I would have suggested and then some....I don't have any other suggestions other than to see how she does. I have a hen who has repeatedly had problems. I have to feed her ground up egg shell to keep her laying correctly.

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