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hello I'm new to the chicken world but have been raising two chickens Georgie and Trixie 2 weeks before Easter and 1 turkey little Peep! we are thrilled with our new adventure they were little chicks when we first started and are now producing eggs nice brown eggs which we are thrilled about but my concern is when I shared my good news with others they couldn't believe that we were getting so many eggs and this is my first time so I wasn't sure what was the troubles every day I find one to four eggs one day six which I thought was great but my friend made me feel as if I'm not being truthful because they are only getting one egg per day per chicken and I only have two chicken but their a mixed breed so I'm not sure how to figure out much information on them but I only have two chicken and I know how many eggs I find!! is anyone else finding a multiple eggs production with one or more chickens is this simply unheard of are my chickens that unique!! and I have made sure to check the coop and nesting boxes thoroughly to make sure what we find are what we have gotten for that day I don't know what's happening but I'm Eggcited!!
Hello there and welcome to BYC!

So you are getting multiple eggs? Yes it does happen, but it shouldn't. All it means is the birds are releasing yolks too fast. This can be draining the bird over time. Since they are new layers, it can take some time to get their egg laying machines in gear. This will probably stop over time and will be healthier for the birds over all.

Make SURE they have plenty of oystershell on the side and eat as much layer feed as possible. Laying two eggs in one day can drain the calcium out of their bones to be able to put the shell on.

And I would stick to a low protein layer feed. Nothing over 16% protein. The more protein in the diet will cause more yolks to be released. So will too many goodies.

Good luck with your wonderful little flock! Don't worry about what others say, YES, they can lay more than one egg in one day. :)
Thank you Two Crows I appreciate your advice and I will definitely take it and do what I need to do to make sure my girls Georgie and Trixie stay healthy!!
thank you everyone I'm so glad to be a part of BYC I know I will learn everything I need to know and be a pro at raising chickens in no time =) well I don't know about the pro part but at least I'll know what I'm doing! Lol..
I really enjoyed your intro, years ago I had two puppies and they were George and Trixie. Just had to smile when you mentioned your chickens. Welcome to Backyard chickens.
Welcome to BYC! Please make yourself at home and we are here to help.

X2 this should not be happening. Something is off in their bodies. This is bad for them as it drains nutrients way more than it should. New layers often lay off-chart eggs but it shouldn't continue regularly. Hopefully they'll work it out.

Yes defiantly make sure they have lots of extra calcium. They should be eating either a 16% layer feed or 18% grower feed. Treats and goodies should only take up 10% of their daily diet.
Thank you everyone for your input I really am learning a lot today. I am feeding them the proper percentage of egg layer feed but I think the trouble is my 3 kiddos are giving them way too many garden goodies I will monitor that closely and see how the change comes about thanks again everyone!!
good news everyone was doing a little more research I just found out that there is nothing wrong with my girls they're not being overworked some of my eggs are turkey eggs lol I have one turkey little Peep!! she hangs out with my chickens and I did not know that she could lay eggs without a Tom I'm super super eggcited now!! I found that Turkey eggs are tan covered in speckled and when I went to check my supply there was a dozen of them thank heavens lol and I hear they're just as good to eat I'm sure they are because me and my kids have already been eating them thinking they were chicken eggs lol... you truly can learn something new everyday!!

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