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Sep 6, 2007
Corydon, Indiana
I have an egg eater. Does anyone have one that they have cured, or does anyone just let them keep doing it? Yesterday morning she was actually waiting for an egg. I am really upset about this, she's one of my favorites.
Best advice is to rid your flock of this bird. Some people will say try feeding different things to enhance their diet and they might stop eating eggs. I don't feel that this works at all. When they have learned to eat eggs....IMO, they will always eat eggs. I can't stand feather pickers and egg eaters!!! Better to get them away from all of the other chickens in your flock than to allow them to teach the other chickens to eat eggs. Best of luck with your decision.
I just went out to check and there were 2 eggs that had dried yolk on them. Hubby just brought home golfballs and I put them out there. Hope it helps.

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