10 Years
Sep 2, 2009
saint augustine florida
We are now up to six eggs per day for 18 hens...this flock was started May 18 this year...that's 16 weeks and a bit. The first egg was 8/28 making it laid on week 13 or so..
I would expect to see more eggs through the next month....
This flock is one of the friendliest ones we've had, the hens always run to the fence to see if any goodies or snacks show up and all of them follow me into the coop(we free range in the afternoons) and will hop up on perches to watch me gather eggs.
I have to relate a funny thing though, I had chicken duties when I was still living on Mom and Dads farm, mom had a flock of 150 hens or so and supplied eggs to most of the groceries in town(Manitowoc, Wisc) so I got egg gathering and feeding both chickens and cows and hogs....we had a dairy herd of 30, raised hay and bees and an apple orchard.
Anyway, when Aimee and I got our first flock, and eventually saw eggs appear my wife seemed hesitant to gather eggs....I finally asked her what was going on and she asked me if she gathered eggs and the hens saw her she was concerned that they might get mad at her for "stealing" their eggs.
Too funny, especially for me since I was raised up differently.
18 weeks

hehehe ... funny post

i thinks it cute how wives will sometimes get these ideas that obviously originate from emotions rather than logic

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