Egglu and Cube in Upstate New York Winter


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Sep 6, 2009
Hi there -

I thought there might be some people here who would like to see the Egglu products in action in winter. We got 15 inches last night and have had ground covering since December. Here is the Cube on the left and the Egglu on the right (an old kids' playground structure in the middle protects my grain and straw bins a bit). They have been dug out. When we got out there this morning, the Cube had snow about half way up it and the Egglu had only about 5 inches of the front door visible. Of course neither door could be opened. The snow was just over my knees deep (i'm 5' 6"). Both structures have already had the snow cleared off the wire runs, and both runs held up fine with 15 inches of heavy snow on them for overnight. Both were covered with greenhouse film except for the front door when winter set in.


Here is a close-up of the Egglu. They are very cozy in their little greenhouse film-covered"solarium".


Here is a close-up of the Cube. The door is bigger and the run is not as long as the Egglu, so more snow comes in through the door into their area. They have been fine this year, but next year I plan on extending the run to the 6 foot version before winter sets in to give them more protected area for the "solarium".


Just thought you might like to see ;-)



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Sep 14, 2009
So interesting! Thanks! I grew up in Clinton but now i'm a california girl. I love to see photos of home. Cute chickens!


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Dec 16, 2008
wish I had thought of the greenhouse film for my egglu. I am surprised just how small the run is for the cube though you would think it would be longer. The egglu was my first chicken housing purchase when I had just had my ds via c-section and could not build anything for a while. I think it works great for silkies although crawling into it is never fun if I have a bird that needs tending that wont go inside or if a feeder gets knocked over. I havent even checked mine yet as the snow is blowing so hard outside right now but I am sure all is well although my run only has the shade cover so I am going to have to shovel it soon. Gonna pick up that greenhouse film this week and add that to it. Great idea!

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