eggs all of the sudden speckled?


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Jan 21, 2010
Today most of the hens laid speckled eggs. They don't usually. What does this mean? Is there something off in their diet?

Also, sometimes I see almost black poop, and it can be watery. What does that mean?
What did they get for treats.

I love speckled eggs. It gives them class.

I think they might have eaten some of my daughter's goldfish, but otherwise they just eat their feed and grass and bugs.
I have noticed more speckling on my eggs also. Some of mine have white speckles instead of the darker spots. It's a fun surprise!!
All of our chickens in a mixed flock eat the same thing but only the Buff Orpington lays speckled eggs. My daughter and the other kids love them, they eat them first. They think they are special. Anything that doesn't look like store bought eggs gets people excited.
Its supposed to having something to do with certain minerals being present or absent along with the amount of calcium. There was this great post someone did, A huge history lesson on the origin of chocolate brown eggs...I can't find it again, lol

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