Eggs are cracking!! Chicks are peeping!!


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8 Years
Jun 24, 2011
Happy dance!!

Just sit it out? I know, humidity... but sooo worried it isn't high enough for the membranes to break! This new incubator is driving me

Do I need to pick a bit of shell, I know, DON'T DO IT! Nature will take it's course!!

I'm a crazy momma
Happens every time. (to me) Just let nature take its course and if you notice any trouble just report back here :) There are plenty of people willing to help you with your hatch.

Good luck!! I hope everything goes well!
Nope, not gonna do it. Added some needed water like a
ninja, and RAN across the house. Internet is going to be my friend and chick keeper awayer...... LOL!

Well, no baby chicks yet. They quieted down too... Hmmmm.... I am totally stressing out.
One wild baby out!! He's all over the place.
Two more piped and the other piped egg is holding out, three got nothin going on, gah! The wild one has turned several eggs and crawling all over the eggs... Having to keep my cool and not "fix" his destruction.
I'm ready for them to BE IN THE BROODER!
Got two healthy chicks and another one zipping! Whew, I'm tuckered out!
Only 5 more to go!
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