eggs collected on different days - will they all hatch ok?


6 Years
Apr 15, 2013

i am new to this, and have borrowed a friends automatic turning incubator.
we put 24 eggs in, which we got collected for us over a 10 day period, they range from silkies, bantams and normal sized chooks (sorry for the lack of technicality!!!)
we are up to day 12, and candled last night for the wonderful news that 20 of them have chickens!!!
my question is: if they were collected over 10 days and all put in the incubator at the same time, do they all start 'growing' at the same time, or do i have eggs(chickens) that are aged from 1-10 days old already, and if i crank up the humidity on day 18, is this going to affect chickens that are perhaps already 10 days old??? - does this make sense????? or does it not work like that???? am i worrying about nothing and they will all be ok???
Your eggs are fine. They don't start developing until they are incubated. I think I read some place on here that for every day they are stored they will take an extra hour to hatch. Good luck with you first hatch

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