eggs, do i need to leave them out first? then will she go broody?


11 Years
Sep 2, 2008
hello there chicken experts, and anyone like me (chicken beginers)

well hers the thing, i have two layers and they have a rooster to um,do its job for them and well hes doing his job...
so i was wondering, will the hen leave the eggs alone, and until she thinks shes squeezed out the right sized clutch will she then lay on them (go broody)? because if this is true, i feel like such a doofus as ive been taking all the eggs in each day...
so, what do i do?
because, id like to see eggs laid the way they should, without an incubator.....

not because its naturaljust im a bit forgetfull, so id forget to turn the eggs and well the chicks would die or become strange little cripple chicks....

oh, and well, ive read about the internet and what is the just right amount of timnes i should turn an egg? some say a day, and some say just as log as its an even number of times and some say as many timesas possible (so i thought about strapping the eggs to a fan )

any advice?
How old is your hen? I have 3 that are 'pullets', and when they began laying, they layed for about a month strait before they ever started setting. If you don't have an incubator, you could still gather the eggs, and make sure to rotate them at least once a day. Put like a golf ball, or 'nest egg' in the nest, and that way when she does go broody, she will have something there to set on. Or you could do like I do, and just leave the newest ones in there. I leave all my eggs in the nests for like a week, take the older ones out (I mark them daily), and leave the newest one in. Just make sure you turn the eggs atleast once a day. I have read that eggs over 10 days old have a poor hatch rate, but I have been told by people that this isn't true. So who knows?

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