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Mar 21, 2013
I have a Silkie that is sitting on 14 eggs! I know not all of them are hers but she was trying to sit 2 nests so I moved them all to one and she hasn't got back on any other nest. Now for my questions lol. I want to candle my eggs to see what's going on. She has been sitting them for about a week now. I was just wondering what I do with her will I do this? I have tried to just reach in and get her eggs but she bites me (I don't blame her but it doesn't help with the little bit of fear I have from being flogged as a child) I want to get rid of any bad eggs so the others have a better chance.

Another question: IF you mark your eggs what do you put on them?

Another question: How do I know which eggs belong to which hen?

I think that is it for now. Thanks for helping a newbie!
You might have better luck checking her at night with a night vision flashlight. It uses a red light bulb so you can see fine but it's not so bright as a regular light. Also put on a pair of thin leather gloves, she can't hurt you through those. Do you have electricity in your coop? You could get it all done real quick in there to minimize her stress and the time with her off the eggs.

I marked mine with a large X using a regular pencil. Don't use a pen or marker, it could seep into the egg. The large X makes it easy to check for newly laid ones each night.

Not sure how you'll know about the eggs, I'm unsure about some of mine too but I figure once they hatch and start feathering out I might be able to tell.
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