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    Mar 20, 2010
    Northern Kentucky
    Yep,we're getting some eggs now. Our Buff Orpingtons are 19 weeks old and so far we've got nine eggs from them in the last week,not including the the very first soft shelled egg. We're still not sure which of the four Buffs(we have five BO's but one is showing he's a roo) are laying since two are really into the "egg squat" and the other two just don't do it at all,but yesterday we had three eggs in a couple of hours so it almost has to be three of them laying. The Australorps and Silver-laced Wyandots don't seem anywhere near the laying stage even though they're all the same age.

    Anyway,tonight we decided to have eggs for supper. We had some "Egg-Lands Best Cage-Free" eggs picked up at Krogers and thought,let's compare! What a difference! Even though the EB Cage-free are supposed to be as good as farm eggs the yolks are not nearly as deep orange in color and the whites from our own eggs are more firm and don't run all over the skillet like the store-bought ones. We also cooked a couple of the generic white $0.59/dozen eggs from the store and guess what.....once in the pan you could not tell the difference between the generic eggs and the Egg-Lands Best.

    And best of all.....our own home-grown eggs tasted much better! More flavor and finally an egg that tasted like the ones I remember as a kid.

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    Congrats Larry it is a great feeling and the eggs really are better. I won't order eggs in a restaurant anymore...pancakes for me. The eggs always look so pale.
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    Apr 26, 2010
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    wish I could get that message through to my son

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