Eggs found!


9 Years
May 9, 2010
Cabot, AR
I have been getting 3-4 eggs daily for over a month now (11 hens) and was kinda wondering when I would find more. One day last week I got 5. Then back to 3. I just figured that my other hens just hadn't started laying yet. So yesterday I go pick up some round bales of hay and when I went to unload them up by my horse pasture, I found 5 eggs between 2 slats on one of the pallets that I stack my bales on. Yaay, more eggs. Then, I saw one of my hens sitting up against the garage foundation behind some decorative fencing that I had leaned up against the wall. When she left I found 7 eggs! Those sneaky little girls have been too lazy to go back to the coop! So...yesterday I made over my nest box situation and made them more choices. They were laying BEHIND my nest buckets that I had set up under my poop board. Now they have 2 buckets set up on concrete blocks under the poop board, 1 milk crate hung from the wall, and 1 old canvas folding chair...and they are locked into the coop and run for the weekend to teach them to lay in the coop! I dont really care if they lay in the nest boxes or not, just lay in the coop! I don't have time to run all over 7 acres looking for eggs!
I'm having the same problem, 12 hens 3-4 eggs a day. I've looked everywhere but can't find anymore eggs. I hope yours get the hint!
Back when my girls were new layers i had the same problem. The thing that worked for me was to not let them out till they all seemed to be finished laying (lil before noon) and i put some golf balls in the nest and they eventually did it by themselves and i could let them out when ever i wanted.

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