Eggs from I'll birds


Apr 4, 2019
Hey all, so I've been searching for delawares for a bit and MAY of found an owner who MIGHT be open to selling me some hatching eggs.
Needing help on my hard no list.
He tells me his birds have been battling worms and mites this past year but they are recovered.
I won't buy anything without seeing the birds they're coming from though I don't mind just taken pictures (biosecurity) and usually I would of passed already at the mention of any illness, but these birds are rare. The line is from Joe Claborn, and the photos I've seen of that line are by far the healthiest and fullest bodies. They not only looked like real working delawares but they apparently laid like them. This was my goal to start with. To be able to launch my flock off of those shoulders....
Good Lord the years I'll save, and to the benefit of my children....
Anyways worms and mites might be an acceptable trade off with extended isolation and periodic testing.

But before I jump I need a hard no illness list.
What would you put on a list like that?
Ty all for responses, always grateful for the help.
Sorry for typos it's 5ish am and I'm rushing to get the minions ready for school. That title, thanks spell check, was supposed to be "eggs from ill (as in sick) birds"
Ty all catch you on the flip side
Be aware that mycoplasma (both MG and MS) can be transferred through hatching eggs. There is always a risk of bringing in a chronic disease when buying eggs or birds from a breeder or another person. Hopefully, if you do buy the eggs, you will have good luck.

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