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    May 16, 2009
    Well are two chickens that are laying eggs at the moment are our two americaunas (Amelia,Roadrunner), but we havent seen any eggs from them for eat least a week to two weeks. As we were walking around ready to burn our burn pile we spotted two eggs that are in a nest made in the center of the burn pile. Then as I moved the wood that was over the nest we found more than we could ever think of 15 EGGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well were not shure if we should eat some of them because they have been sitting a pile of wood for at least a week. Well now were burning our wood pile hoping there was no more eggs in it. Well we put 7 in a bucket full of hay in the coop to think they would lay on them or incubate thim beacuse we have 100 degree weather here daily. We put 2 in the nests in the coop and the other 6 in the fridge........ QUESTION- If we burn the burn pile (there nest) and they go back to our nests that we made will they find another place to lay of will they lay in other odd places....
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    You have 3 guesses and they are all wrong! It might be best to incubate the eggs your self and don't depend on the hens to hatch them out as they will be trying to find new places to hide for a while.
    Also try to figure out why they don't want to use the nesting boxes you have provided for them.
    My experience has been that there was too much traffic in the hen coop or they didn't feel safe or secluded.
    The best hatch one of our hens has had was a small cardboard box high up on the planting table shelves on the back porch where the guard dog sleeps. [​IMG]
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    Feb 22, 2009
    My thinking is since they layed a clutch of eggs they have went broody and won't lay for awhile.I would try and place the eggs in a nest so they might set them.[​IMG]
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    I have golf balls in their nest boxes. Some people use fake eggs. If they continue to lay outside then shut them in the coop for a few days.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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