Eggs have disappeared! Help!


6 Years
Aug 20, 2013
Kendallville, IN
I have 8 hens (3 EEs, 2 Buffs, 3 Dominiques) and a Buff rooster. They are all about 7 months old, and I have been getting about 4-6 eggs/day for the last couple months. About a week ago, their production decreased drastically and now I am only getting 2 eggs every 3 days or so. The coop is inside the barn, and is relatively secure. The only way something could be getting in is the area above the door is open. (I know this because that's how the barn cats get in to sleep under the heat lamps lol) My husband has spotted a possum in the top part of the barn, but I can't figure out how it would be climbing out with an egg, since there are no broken shells in the coop at all.

Does anyone have any ideas? We also have raccoons and snakes big enough to steal an egg.

The other weird thing is that I have not gotten any eggs at all from my Easter Eggers...the only ones I get are brown. This probably is just a coincidence, but I observed it so I thought I'd mention it lol.
They could be laying in a different spot- Sometimes chickens stop laying in their nesting boxes and create a new nest. Are their hiding places that they could lay in the barn? If this is what is happening, put a golf ball in their nesting box to encourage them to lay in the nesting boxes.
I hope this helps you!
Thanks but no, they are cooped up so there are no hiding places. They have one nest under the nesting boxes, but there aren't eggs down there anymore either :( DH and I set up the trail cam tonight to see what we can see...
I'm thinking raccoon. They love eggs and will make multiple trips to stock up on them. Possums are usually opportunistic feeders and would likely leave evidence.
I should also add that I seem to be going through more chicken feed than normal, and my girls all huddle together on the floor instead of roosting or hanging out on the nesting boxes...another reason I think it's a critter.

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