eggs in fridge

mmm... not sure.
The longest that you can keep them in the fridge without warmth is like 7 days I may be too late. Give it a shot if you want!

Good luck!
I was gonna call around tomorrow to see who has a bator fired up (cause I don't have one). I wanted at least 6 silkie eggs and only one of my silkies is laying and shes laying real slow. I also wanted to hatch some of my barnyard mixes. oh well I guess I can just wait for silkie eggs and hatch the others. So you see, I just don't have enough time to get the number of egg I want.
Someone on here said they took eggs that had been refrigerated for about two weeks and most of them hatched. If you're going to run the bator, might as well add a few extras and give it a shot.
Just make sure you let the eggs warm up to room temperature before you start incubating them. If you set cold eggs in the bator, it can cause condensation to build up on the outside of the eggs, which can cause bacteria to enter the shell. Good luck.
Oh btw, I have seen many posts on here about how to make a bator, as well as different things to use as a bator. There was one that said they used an electric skillet!! Maybe you should try searching the site?
Yes a few will hatch ,but with a low hatch rate. Trouble is the eggs have not been turned!! Hatch rate drops fast after 10 days.

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