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    Hello, I am putting up about 18 eggs a day after brooding a new batch. About how long can the WASHED eggs stay in refer before going bad? Thanks Jay
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    I don't understand. Are these eating eggs or hatching eggs?

    As a rule, washed eggs for eating, last about 1 week in the frig since you washed off the bloom. Bacteria can now enter the egg.
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    Jay, when I first started getting eggs, they didn't sit in the refrigerator long enough "to" go bad. One of the things my wife has done, is break some eggs, mixed them up in a bowl, poured the egg mix into an ice tray and put them into the freezer. Whenever she needs eggs for a recipe, she pulls out the ice tray, pops out a few cubes. One cube is equivalent to 1 chicken egg (or so she read somewhere). Every once in a while, she'll ask me to bust open a carton of eggs and mix them up for the freezer.
    Right now, I'm getting 30 eggs a day from 33 hens, and I mark the date on my cartons and make sure I use the oldest date first. This morning I had an omlette from eggs hatched on the 22nd of January, with no issues.
    TwoCrows is correct about the "washing"... the bloom protects the egg, and when you wash it off, you give salmonella the opportunity to grow. I normally wrinse my eggs just prior to cracking them.
    Here is one thread I did locate that can be of more assistance.

    JNDPLUS3 Out Of The Brooder

    Jul 8, 2013
    Middleburg Fla.
    Thanks That is what i needed to know , The week thing. The freezer idea is BONUS and will be used as I am getting mega egg production verses my eating !!! Thanks J

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