Eggs & Nest Box Behavior


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Aug 10, 2011
Here are pictures of my first series of eggs. The ones on the right are from a RIR. The one on the left is from the pictured chicken below. Any idea what breed she is? I was told it was a Cuckoo Marans...but the eggs are really small and the same color as the RIR. I know they are not always dark brown but I thought they would at least be darker. Oh, and she laid another egg this morning and then sang about it for a while.
The second eggs was exactly the same small size as the first.


Don't have any Marans, but the eggs should be much darker than that if she was one... She looks like she's a mixed breed. She's beautiful either way! The eggs will probably get bigger. When my reds starting laying, the eggs were small but have gotten much bigger. Sometimes jumbo sized. Sometimes I get a "fart" egg, just meaning that it's a really tiny one. One time I got an egg and its yolk was the size of a pencil eraser!
oh! I forgot to add the part about the nest box behavior. Both times she laid an egg there was an egg already inside from the RIR. And, both times, this hen pushed the other egg out of the next box and laid her egg in its place!

It's funny. The RIR will chase other hens away from the nest box as if it her special place and nobody elses and this hen won't lay in the nest box unless its clear of the other eggs.

Anyone seen this before?

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