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Jun 20, 2019
Sparta, TN
Two Silver Appleyard Ducks and one Drake all born in March 2019.

Six days ago I found my first egg the for the next three days I had egg each day, now for the last two days I do not have eggs? The ducks are put in the Quack House around 6:00pm at night and released around 6:30am. They are allowed to free range during the day and stay in and around our 1/2 acre pond. I walk around the pond every day as a matter of making sure everything is fine and looking for eggs. Found none.

I have two questions:

1. Is this behavior normal? Also, I am not sure which duck is laying eggs, one duck is larger and mates with the drake several times a day. The smaller duck is somewhat treated like an outsider and the drake doesn't pay a lot of attention to her.

2. Is it true ducks seems to lay eggs in the morning hours?

Looking for some explanations. Thanks .. DirtyGun
You may have eggs in the pond too! When ducks first lay well even after they have been laying for a while they will lay where ever the notion strikes and they are excellent at hiding them too, just the other day I found a nest of 14 Buff duck eggs hidden in an over grown flower bed. Got those eggs tore up the nest and put a large rock over it. When they first lay they can be sporadic too. Leave an egg inside where they have laid to give a hint this is a good place to lay you can switch out once a week so one doesn’t get nasty but that may help them see this is okay for laying! I have been waiting till 7:30 to let mine out now since finding that hidden nest. Most do Lay in the early morning.
It has been over a week since I had any eggs. I assume the larger of the two ducks was laying. I have checked around the pond and looked in the shallow end where they hang out and found no eggs. I have noticed the larger duck not coming to eat treats in the morning. She hangs back and preans her feathers while the smaller duck and drake eats the treats. I have also notice she is a lot larger in the rear than the small duck. Should I be concerned?

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