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    I understand that if you don't wash your eggs they are good at room temp for approximately 6 weeks, and I typically don't wash my eggs and store them at room temp. Last week I had collected some eggs and accidentally left them in the rain. They were a little dirty so when I dried them off I also was able to clean them off a bit. But in drying off the water with a paper towel, have I removed the protective coating? I am assuming a detergent would be required to remove this coating. The reason I say this is that an antimicrobial coating should be water insoluble and therefore it seems unlikely to me that the bloom could be removed with only water. Still, insight from experience would be helpful.

    And as a followup, how are eggs so clean in Europe where they keep the protective coating (how are they "cleaned")?
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    Water will wash off the bloom.

    Just refrigerate after washing.

    A coat of mineral oil will act as an artificial bloom.

    Do a quick search, lots of info on this site.

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