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  1. kaybats

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    Jun 4, 2011
    Since having my own chickens it continues to amaze me how they get the store-boughts so uniform!

    on the left, duck egg from Helga, my Welsh duck who started laying about a month ago. middle is from one of the 7 month old buff orpingtons....holy cow...bigger than the duck egg. on the right, first egg from one of the babies (5 months old). I think it is Jackie's...a barred rock.

    and is duck egg. botttom, a double yolker from the BO egg!
  2. Mum

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    Dec 23, 2011
    Ooh look at that double yolker, no wonder the egg was bigger than your ducks!

    The shop bought ones do come in different sizes: small, medium, large and extra large. Sometimes I see a box labelled "double yolkers" in the supermarket - bought 6 once at Christmas time to "surpise" my sons for Christmas breakfast; told them Santa made them special eggs [​IMG]

    On the other hand, the chickens which produce the shop eggs are bred to be egg producers and are not pure breeds (like your orpington ;) ).

    Enjoy those eggs! My ys and I have just had egg on toast with chorizo for brunch .... mmmmmm, scrummy.
  3. Den in Penn

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    Dec 15, 2011
    SE Pa.
    The big producer sort their much finer than medium, large and extra large. When I got out the egg scale before my present flock started laying I weighted several dozen. When I weighted the store brand they were right at the weight for large, On weighing the farm brand name, the eggs consistently were at the heavy side of the large range. hmm
  4. RedDrgn

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    May 11, 2011
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    I hear ya!

    Our BR and BA have consistently been laying medium-sized eggs since they started in December. Our DOM laid the smallest, cutest little eggs (often just over 1 ounce) for several weeks, but now lays the same size as the BR and BA. Our EE has been laying monster eggs from day 1...they make everyone else look like they're shooting BBs.
  5. LaynaDon95

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    Jan 18, 2012
    That's what my eggs look like. I have a leghorn that lays MONDO eggs, a barnevelder that lays pretty good size eggs and RIR who lays kinds puny eggs comparatively. Maybe my bantam pullet will start laying soon and then the RIR won't feel so bad. :p

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