Eggs: Once cold should they stay cold?

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    My first post on here, I tried searching but couldn't find an answer to this particular question:

    If we find an egg that may have been outside for 24 hours (like we missed it in the coop the day before) and it is cold, do we have to then keep it in the fridge?

    Thanks to this forum we have started keeping our eggs on the counter and not in the fridge, but with overnight temps getting down into the 30's and reading that once eggs have been refrigerated they should stay that way, we are concerned about leaving the cold ones out to get warm.

    We just got our first chickens in June, we have 6, and the whole family is loving it!


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    You shouldn't let your eggs stay too warm for long. It rots them. It would be best if you collected them as soon as possible, then turn them to the fridge. [​IMG]
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    Eggs that are being used within a week or two can be stored on the counter. I don't think I would worry bout how long they were left in the cold outside...

    Might want to be sure that you are using up your oldest eggs first if you are leaving them on the counter as you don't want to eat the mostest fresh ones and then end up with one later that has been there for 5-6 weeks.

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