Eggs possess a peculiar aftertaste...

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    Hey everybody!

    I need some input on my hens' eggs. A few days ago, I began having a bitter aftertaste in my mouth, and I didn't know why. It's a strong aftertaste that lingers throughout most of the day, staying there seemingly no matter what I eat or drink to attempt getting rid of it. I worried for a while that I caught a virus of some sort, before I did some experimentation to find that the taste only appears when I have eggs for breakfast. All of the eggs I eat are from my own chickens, so it's them and not a store-bought egg problem. I eat a mixture off eggs, some from my EE, some from my Silkie, and some from the Plymouth Rock girls, so I don't know whether it's all of them or just one. Besides the aftertaste, the eggs are well-shaped, have nice, strong shells, and appear altogether normal. They eat a diet of grass and Purina Layena pellets.

    I'm wondering if something could be wrong with the hen(s)? Is there a way to combat the problem?
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    Maybe some strange type of bugs came through and they ate them?

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