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  1. kandooshe

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    what is the best size of eggs that will be incubated ?
    is it good to choose the bigger eggs or medium ones or what ..

    give me some hints
  2. Squishy

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    Feb 2, 2011
    People incubate all kinds of sizes of eggs with success. I dont have much experience. In my only (and recent) hatch, I went into lockdown with 4 eggs, 3 of them on the small side and one that was much larger... the 3 smaller ones all hatched very well, but the biggest one never did and I eventually opened it up to find the chick way too big for the shell, and it had never managed to pip and died because (it seems) it wasnt able to move its head out from between its legs. I found a post from someone saying that is occasionally the case with larger eggs, more often than it is with smaller ones. Wether it really was due to egg size, or was actually enviromental conditions, or genetics, I have no idea. I know one of the more experienced hatchers on here was just saying recently, he is trying to only select the largest eggs for incubation, and that way hopefully breed for the production of larger eggs... didn't sound like he had any problems with them.
    Im wondering if it just has something to do with the breeds, and an egg that deviates too far from the norm for the breed might have more trouble than those that are about average? I am really interested to see what other answers you get!
  3. kandooshe

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    Valuable info, I'm with your opinion about the size but the explanation is to know if bigger egg will give bigger chick and bigger chicken that eventually will produce bigger eggs than the chick which hatched from a small or medium egg

    thank you

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