Eggs stored upside down


7 Years
Mar 22, 2012
Chesapeake, Va.
Yikes! Got confused and stored hatching eggs with the small end up in an egg carton. All eggs were less than a week old when set. My first hatch is in a week. Does anyone think that this will make a big difference? I did not rotate the eggs either. I have done this a few times before with out any problems, but this time I made a point of storing them a certain way, but it was the wrong way.
As long as you set them in the incubator with the fat end up, you should be fine. There was a study done where eggs were purposefully stored prior to incubation with small end up, and they had a better hatch rate than the traditionally stored ones. My last hatch, I just grabbed the eggs out of the basket that was on the counter. I never put eggs in the basket pointy end up, but a lot of them had been laying flat, and they didn't get the preferential treatment of ideal temp, and daily rotation before incubation. best hatch ever.
I just pulled an Ameraucana egg out of my incubator for first candling after 7 days. They were so fresh when set that no air cell was visible, and one was so evenly oval shaped that I had inadvertently set it in the turner upside down. It's developing fine and I flipped it air cell up for the rest of the incubation cycle.
thanks. My guess was that it was not a big deal, but I'm a little nervous this year because I have put so much effort into this years hatch, which is my first season with some standard bred BR. The eggs are under a dutiful broody, so I'm sure she is not nearly as concerned about it as I am.

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