eggs that feel hallow and seem to have blood inside of them.

sheri l brady

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5 Years
Sep 22, 2014
I have a set of eggs that feel hallow and I opened one that seem to have blood. Are they fertilized and how long can the Hen leave the nest and the eggs still hatch?
If there is blood in the egg then it is fertile, hens can leave the nest for up to an hour every day to eat etc but the eggs will be fine till she comes back .
thank you so very much. We call her Mrs. Chicken she showed up on Christmas day and only lays eggs on special days. Her first set of eggs were on my daughter Virginia's Birthday who has passed. She lives wonders around the neighborhood. The neighbors in front of me complain because she eats the bird food they spread on the ground every morning. So I build her a hen yard. In doing so I realized she has 8 eggs. I relocated her and the eggs to the yard and this morning they felt a bit cold so I opened one and seen the blood and felt they were fertilized although we do not have a rooster. I don't know either if she will continue to sit on the eggs if I have touched them. Right now they are under a heating pad. This is my first time doing anything like this. I hope I am not a total idiot in my venture.

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