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Mar 29, 2008
I need help deciding what kind of Chickens to get?? So i'd like to know what you guys think starting from behavior to Tastiest eggs!!
I am still waiting for my girls to lay. but all chicken eggs that are raised the same way and eat the same things taste the same. For personality I like favorrels and marans also delawares.

Good luck
i like the marans.. while i was looking them up i found GOLD LACED ORPINGTONS i just love all the ORPINGTONS
many great colors of orphington have not come to the US I think here we have blue, splash, black, white, buff, and mottled orphs over there they have amazing colors same with the marans europe has amazing colors.

Really? Do you know any of the names of the ones in europe i'd like to look them up. May be ill take a trip there and take some back hahaha
You'll probably get as many different answers on this as there are people on the forum!
Everyone has their favorite breed. Orpingtons and Rhode Island Red are popular and readily available. If you want white eggs, Leghorns are your best bet. And as for taste, that's usually influenced by what they eat. But trust me, fresh eggs from a home flock taste TONS better than they ones you get at the store!

Hope this helps...
My ISA browns are good producers. Just ordered 15 chicks to add to my very mature 8 hens.
buff orpingtons are big friendly birds. they lay pretty well to, and they are good at being broody. but if you are looking for strictly egg production then you cant beat white leghorns, the lay big white eggs, and tons of them. the downside is they are a little flighty and spook easily.
This is really good info yall thank you so much.. I like this better than just doing research online, i think its better to talk to people that are actually one on one with the animals, and can share from their experience so thank you all. I'd be happy to hear more
OK Well you all know that since I raise Leghorns, I have to say Leghorns. Tehe! They do lay beautiful, tasty, jumbo eggs. And lots of them! I have White Leghorns and I sell the eggs on ebay or eggbid or on our board here. People say Leghorns are flighty, and some certainly are flighty. But I found that if you get them as chicks and raise them, they are very friendly. My hens drive me crazy sometimes when I'm outside. Tehe!

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