Eggs when boiled tend to fall apart and are not solid. What is wrong with them.

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May 1, 2012
Upstate New York
There seems to be a problem with some of my eggs. When I go to make devil eggs and I boil them most or about 90% of the eggs are soggy around the shell and the egg comes off with the shell. Anyone have any idea what the problem is.

Not sure but I was told that fresh eggs are the worst for boiling and are very hard to peel. The egg comes off with the shell. They say to use old eggs for boiling, at least they say that on the cooking shows! These are not people who raise chickens but I suspect they have a lot of experience boiling eggs. Hope that helps. You might try letting the eggs age awhile and compare the results just to prove the theory. Good luck!
some are only a day or so old and some are up to a week old and are from the fridge. I put my eggs in the fridge within 2 to 4 hours after they are hatch on most occasions. The other day when I boiled eggs about 10% of them peeled ok?


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