Eggs with Broody Hen are Past the Hatch Date


13 Years
Jan 10, 2009
SW Missouri
I have an Old English Standard hen that has been setting on a batch for about 30 days now and none have hatched. I think our little roo may not have been up to the task... Do I just take the eggs away from her? Do I let her decide when enough is enough? How do I handle this?
I would take the eggs out...and very carefully at that.
That's my opinion.
:( darn that's always no fun. I personally would crack one open and see (yes many would say no to that) but you might find a forming chick and maybe the days are off.. one of my buffs sat on eggs a week later then normal I assume it was something to do with the first week that caused this. I sadly checked a egg and it had a chick that passed right away, but if I didn't I would have tossed
them all and she hatched ALL the rest 6 healthy chicks a week later then normal :)

I feel for your hen..maybe you can find some fertile eggs?
I feel for your hen..maybe you can find some fertile eggs?

I can probably get some fertile eggs from my daughter. Would it hurt the hen to set on eggs twice as long as normal? Being broody seems to be a chore for them, since they do not seen to eat or drink as much as normal?
I think I will crack one this morning to see what is happening and then go from there. Thank you for the replies!
i have a cochin hen that happened to, no hatch, and i got some fertile eggs, and she has brooded them fine- must have been a long broody session in her mind!

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