eggs with holes?


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Jun 19, 2020
hi my hens started laying a couple weeks ago and this one type of chicken lays pink eggs and the first few had no holes but now there are consistently holes the last couple days. Does anyone know why this could be?
I had the same issue when one of my girls started. It turns out that she liked to kick the nesting box bedding into the corners and drop the egg onto the hard wood bottom. Her eggs were a little more brittle when she just started laying despite having all the calcium she needed. I could never tell if it was the drop or the next girl stepping all over it that put the hole there, but I added a felt pad to the bottom of the box under the bedding and viola!
i feed my chickens layena and i give them the crushed shells every morning. i didn’t realize they could drop their eggs on the wood that would make sense since the box has a lot less hay in it so i will add more

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