Aug 3, 2016
Our pastor bought 8 white Brahma pullets in March. He was intrigued by their feathered legs. Since he lives in town they came to live with our chicks (Buff Orphingtons and Americaunas). They are the sweetest things, they love to be held and talked to. I am sold on them. :)
Anyway, they are only a little over 4 months old and they have been laying for about 3 weeks. Everything I read said they don't start laying until they are 6 months old. Any words of wisdom?
I'v had chickens before and sold them because I was afraid of them. Then about 4 years ago we took our sons chicks because he was moving and I don't seem to be afraid of them any longer.
They are so funny to see. They are so much bigger than my other hens and they are laying those tiny little pullet eggs and my smaller hens lay big honkers. Also, the Brahmas just seem to drop the egg wherever they happen to be standing. We have found them in the drive, in the yard, under the tractor, just in the floor of the chicken mansion and also in the nest.
They clan together so much that it is funny. You seldom see one without seeing all 8.


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