11 Years
Jan 1, 2009
Hey all,

I have rir, bsl, and ee pullets that are 18 weeks old. They have been scratching in an area behind their feeder inside the coop constantly, I put some hay and a stone egg there. How long will it be before they pop out eggs???
At 18 weeks they can start laying eggs at anytime. You may find them in some strange places at first to. Do you have any nest boxes for them to lay in?
My first egg from my first group of chicks came on the day they turned 20 weeks... and my BSL was the first to lay. Some EE's won't lay until they are like 30 weeks..
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They have boxes, hay,golf balls, stone eggs and all!!! Can I start providing them with oyster shell???
mine are 19 weeks and no eggs they hate me
lol but those listed below are what i have
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