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    I would like to know if you take the eggs sneeky like or do you harvest them while your Girls watch. I try not to let them observe me. One hen of mine comes running and gives me the evil eye when in the nest area. I think she knows that I am the Egg Bandit. I also seem to get more cooperation in the egg laying department if I do not remove all the eggs. If I leave one in their nest I seem to get a few more eggs than I normally would. These are some spoiled birds. Crickets and meal worm treats are costing me more than going to the store and purchasing eggs, but they're worth it. Happy, grateful girls that they are. [​IMG]

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  2. I go out and take the egg, and thank the hen who laid it. so it's not a secret at all... usually I give the egg layer an extra sprinkle of food in the straw... makes her happy.
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    Oh, THANK you for this topic! I'm new here and my "flock" consist of 4 chicks, no more than 2, maybe 3 weeks old. Of course it's impossibly early to be worried about gathering eggs at this point, but I WAS wondering/worrying about how one goes about it, when it IS time.

    Thank you, thank you, BYC for this forum and all you wonderful members!
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    I usually go in and before checking for eggs I talk to the girls, pet them and feed them a few treats. I take eggs out while they are busy picking up some tasty morsels. I always leave 2 wooden eggs in the nest, not all of mine have started laying. They are somewhat distracted but I'd guess they have seen me reach in the nestbox and are fine with it......
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    We get home about 5 pm, all of the girls have laid usually. But once in a while, there will be a late one on the nest. i gather all the other boxes, pet and talk to the "girlie" in the box, slowly reach under her, gather what's there. most of my girls are good about me stroking them and they'll "purr". There's one tht will peck me, not hard, just enough to let me know she's upset. I get the last eggs when I shut the pop door at dark. I take all the eggs even in front of the girls. [​IMG]
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    I start talking to Little Girl, Little Girl, [. . .], and Little Girl (yep, all 12 have the same name because I couldn't tell them apart when they really were little -- or "were really little", if you prefer) when I come up to the chicken house. I take the eggs whether they are in the house or out, and if one is on the nest I'll get the ones she'll let me take than come back later and get the rest.


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